GATX is the leading global provider of railcar leasing and service to customers throughout North America, Europe, and India. They own, lease, and manage a global fleet of tank containers; they also own one of the largest aircraft spare engine leasing portfolios in the world.

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Our contribution
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • CMS Implementation

GATX Corporation, a global leader in railcar leasing and related services, approached us with the challenge of modernizing their online presence. Their existing websites suffered from poor user experience, inconsistent branding, and lacked mobile responsiveness. Additionally, GATX required separate website versions tailored to their US and EU audiences, each with distinct branding and style guidelines.


Our team embarked on a comprehensive redesign project, focusing on improving user experience, mobile responsiveness, and brand consistency across both the US and EU websites. We conducted thorough research to understand the unique needs and preferences of each target audience, allowing us to tailor the design and content accordingly.


For the redesign, we implemented a modern, UX-focused approach, with streamlined navigation and intuitive user interfaces. We crafted two distinct website versions, each reflecting the specific branding and style preferences of the US and EU departments, while maintaining overall coherence with the GATX brand identity.

The redesigned GATX websites have delivered remarkable improvements in user engagement and satisfaction. Key results include:


Enhanced User Experience: The new websites have greatly improved user engagement metrics, with increased time spent on site and lower bounce rates across both versions.


Mobile Optimization: The mobile experience has been significantly enhanced, with responsive design elements ensuring seamless navigation and readability on all devices.


Brand Consistency: By implementing consistent branding elements and style guidelines, we have successfully aligned the US and EU websites with the overarching GATX brand identity, reinforcing brand recognition and trust among visitors.