Tupperware is a globally recognized brand known for its innovative food storage containers. The brand's iconic products are designed to keep food fresher for longer periods, while also offering convenience and practicality in organizing kitchens. Tupperware is also associated with a unique direct sales model, where independent consultants host parties to demonstrate and sell products to customers.

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Our contribution
  • UI/UX Design
  • Design System
  • Web Development
  • Front-End / Full-stack
  • E-Commerce

Tupperware, a household name renowned for its innovative kitchen and home storage solutions, approached us with the challenge of revitalizing their German website. The existing site suffered from an outdated design, poor user experience, and low SEO rating, resulting in suboptimal engagement and conversion rates. Tupperware sought a modern, UI/UX-focused redesign that would not only address these issues but also showcase their brand's commitment to innovation and quality.


Our team launched a full-scale redesign project, leveraging our expertise in user-centric design and digital marketing. We conducted extensive research to understand the unique preferences and behaviors of Tupperware's German audience, allowing us to tailor the design and content to resonate with their needs.


In addition to the visual overhaul, we introduced continuous campaign updates to keep the content fresh and relevant, fostering ongoing user engagement and driving repeat visits. By addressing the initial problems of outdated design and poor SEO rating, we optimized the website for improved visibility and search engine ranking.

The impact of the website redesign has been remarkable, driving significant improvements in user engagement, conversion rates, and web traffic:


Enhanced User Experience: The new website has resulted in a substantial increase in user engagement metrics, with users spending more time on site and exploring a greater variety of content.


Mobile Optimization: The mobile experience has been greatly improved, leading to higher user satisfaction and increased mobile conversions.


Continuous Campaign Updates: By introducing regular campaign updates, we have maintained user interest and engagement, driving repeat visits and customer loyalty..


SEO Improvement: The website's SEO rating has significantly improved, resulting in higher search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

Increased Conversion Rate: The redesigned website has led to a dramatic increase in conversion rates, translating into tangible business growth for Tupperware Germany.

Expanded Web Traffic: Web traffic has reached a six-digit user base, demonstrating the widespread reach and impact of the redesigned website.

Our redesign project for Tupperware Germany exemplifies our deep understanding of the target audience and our ability to deliver thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing designs that drive tangible business results. By addressing initial challenges such as outdated design and poor user experience, we have helped Tupperware enhance its online presence, engage its audience more effectively, and drive significant business growth in the German market.

As a household name with a global presence, Tupperware continues to innovate and evolve, and we are proud to have played a role in their digital transformation journey.